Friday, April 29, 2011

The Sun

Did you now that we are 93,935,700 miles away from the Sun?  If the sun was just a little closer the water in the ocean would evaporate and all the trees and plants would die!  If it were just a little farther, the ocean would freeze solid and, well, we would to!  Good thing God new what he was doing when he put the Sun in place!!!!    
I thought this was a really cool picture of the Sun!

Mom had me draw a picture of the earth and th Sun.

The Earth and the Sun and how far apart they really are.


  1. Good job Audrey! I too am glad that God is in charge of the universe...

    Blessings, mom

  2. We are doing astronomy this year too!

    We are in the middle of learning about the Earth!


  3. You should post more stuff on your blog!